Doorstep Dailies Delivery

Delicious & Tasty Meals

Doorstep Dailies Delivery

Delicious & Tasty Meals

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All our dailies are a vibe anytime. Choose from the variety of options and add to cart.

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Our Payment gateway is easy & seamless. Don't forget to add delivery address while on the check out page.

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Get your tasty & delicious dailies delivered to your doorstep. FREE SHIPPING applies.

Buzz 'A' Munch

Our Munchies Story

We are a doorstep delivery restaurant/food based in Abuja. We serve your favorite dailies. Our menu ranges from burgers to salads and barbecue chicken.
We also give some Nigerian vibe with our asun recipes and so much more. We put in so much love and expertise into our recipes and will love to share the experience with you.
Do your taste buds a favor and try out our various tasty and delicious dailies.

Popular Dailies

Inspired by recipes and tasty creations of chief chef

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